BRUSSELS – No half-hearted, this time Toyota surprised the world. Toyota has just released a pre-production photo of its second generation Mirai sedan which shows the design of the Mirai car, reportedly will soon be produced by the end of 2020.

The design of the Mirai car is not much different since Toyota introduced it at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show (TMS). It’s just that Toyota is more detailed about its specifications, such as the capacity of the fuel tank and the roaming capability of this car.

The Second Generation Toyota Mirai Ready For Production

Toyota claims this generation of Mirai is able to explore up to 30 percent further than before. Not only that, Toyota also claims that the range of this car can reach 500 km in a single full hydrogen filling.

With Mirai’s new capabilities, we try to build consumer emotional attachment through responsive design and performance. Later consumers can say I chose Mirai not only because of FCEV, but because I only wanted this car, ” said Yoshikazu Tanaka, Chief Engineer of The New Mirai.

The increase given to this car, comes from the renewal of hydrogen fuel cell technology. In addition, Toyota also pinned three hydrogen fuel tanks. Consists of one large main tank and two additional smaller tanks.

Turning to the interior, one of the attractions provided by Toyota is the 12.3-inch touch screen. Perched on the center console and arguably looks together with the instrument panel.

The Second Generation Toyota Mirai
The Second Generation Toyota Mirai

And to note, the difference between the first and second generation Mirai is the number of passengers. The second generation Mirai will have a capacity of five passengers from the previous 4 passengers.

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Now Mirai uses a rear wheel drive system (RWD) while previously using a front wheel drive (FWD). While the same from both generations is using the design of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

For information, since the first generation Mirai was launched in 2014, Toyota claims that more than 10,000 Mirai have been sold worldwide. And the second-generation Toyota Mirai itself is scheduled to be launched in late 2020 in Japan, North America and Europe.

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