Toyota Corolla released the latest series in 2020. Corolla has a very attractive design, especially on the front body. This car has an amazing driving speed. With a 26/34 MPG fuel economy, the Toyota Corolla has a 4 cylinder with a 4 speed automatic transmission that can be changed. The drivetrain is FWD. This sedan is equipped with 7 airbags, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Updated Audio System, and a touch screen monitor. This model is famous for its dynamic steering and performance. Equipped with a 15 inch rim as a standard and this vehicle has been completely refined. With a unique design, the Toyota Corolla has become the dream of the world’s best car collectors.

The automotive universe is being brought back by the latest cars. This time the Japanese car manufacturer’s output Toyota released a new series, the Toyota Corolla Altis, which is a type of premium sedan. Toyota is one of the most well-known automotive brands in the world synonymous with SUVs. Want to add market segments, Toyota released the latest Corolla Altis series.

Since it was first launched in 1966, the Corolla Altis series has become Toyota’s most eagerly awaited car. This sedan type has launched its newest series on Thursday 12 December 2019 which comes with a more sporty look. Carrying the latest platform called the Toyota New Global Architecture. Claimed to have good toughness.

Advantages Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis

  • Has 3 series at once, namely Altis G, Altis V, and Altis Hybrid.
  • The newest, more powerful platform, TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture).
  • Display a more sporty face with a full LED head lamp and grille made larger on the front bumper.
  • Dashbord with the Modern Center Cluster concept that makes it look more luxurious and elegant that has been refined.
  • Mainstay features an advanced audio head unit and a 4.2-inch LCD touch screen as the mainstay feature.
  • On the dashboard screen can display MID Attractive Design that provides information about the condition of the car.
  • Equipped with a Rear Reclining Seat feature that ensures a comfortable sitting position when driving at long distances.
  • Use the legs of Mac Pherson on the front and Double Wishbone on the back which ensures stability when driving.
  • Good safety features, including ABS, EBD, BA, and VSC.
  • Wearing 17-inch alloy wheels that are able to increase and compensate the accelerated car.
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Deficiency Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis

  • The price is quite expensive.

Overview Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis

All New Corolla Altis
All New Corolla Altis

Toyota is an automotive company that is a manufacturer from Japan. First released the Corolla Altis series in 1966. Comes to be the 12th generation Corolla Altis, which was launched on December 12, 2019, offering various specifications and the latest sophisticated features. Having a body that is more luxurious and elegant without reducing car acceleration.

Carrying the latest platform as TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) which provides a more spacious visual effect when driving. Issued 3 series at once, namely Altis V, Altis G, and Altis Hybrid which have specifications that can be adjusted to the tastes of consumers. Give a more fresh look compared to the previous generation Corolla Altis.

The type of engine used by the Toyota Corolla Altis is a DOHC VVT-i with a capacity of 1798 cc 4-cylinder In-line with a 7-speed CVT transmission system. The engine can output a maximum power of up to 95 Ps / 5200 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.47 Nm / 4000 rpm.

Exterior appearance that is updated with a full LED head lamp is narrow and sporty. Supports bright lighting systems, but uses only low power. Inserted with a fog lamp on the left and right of the grille that can penetrate the fog when driving at night. Featuring soft curves giving the impression of luxury and elegance.

On the back side of the car is mounted with a LED Stop Lamp that is bright but does not dazzle the driver behind it. The specifications of the appearance of the Toyota Corolla Altis put forward the renewal of the face sector to give a sharp impression. Aeordinamis display that can support car acceleration.

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An updated interior with a more sporty and luxurious appearance that is supported by sophisticated features in it. Dashbord concept of Modern Center Cluster Design is embedded in the cabin interior. Using the full-screen LCD touch screen feature measuring 4.2 inches with an advanced audio head unit. Provides ease in loading the condition of the car when driving.

The dimensions of the car body measuring 1630 x 1780 x 1435 mm with 2700 mm wheelbase. The driver and passenger seat are equipped with a rear reclincing seat that is able to guarantee comfort while driving. Supported by quality suspension and legs in the form of Mac pherson and Double Wishbone which can maintain the stability of the car when driving.

Feature Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis

Totoya Corolla Altis New
Totoya Corolla Altis New

Toyota Corolla Altis is one car that has sophisticated features. Get updates on various aspects supporting consumer comfort and safety. Equipped with a TSE (Toyota Safety Sense) safety package that has a camera and radar sensor. Can take control of the car when the car is at a critical point like when there is a vehicle in front that stops suddenly.

Toyota’s latest features are divided into 4 parts, namely pre-collision system, cruise radar dynamic control, lane departure alert, and automatic high beam. PCS system is a sensor system that can detect the car in front of it. The DRCC feature has a function of speed control when reaching a speed point of more than 50 km / h, a system that can set a safe distance.

AHB feature helps the driver identify whether the vehicle in front is moving from opposite direction or not, so the driver can overtake the vehicle safely. Entertainment features on the head unit with a more complete menu tucked in the cabin. Very supportive in driving comfort.

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Toyota Corolla Altis is certainly not the only sedan that has the best specifications. One of the competitors of the Toyota Corolla Altis is Honda City. At a glance it has the same appearance on the body and exterior. Toyota Corolla Altis has DOHC VVT-i type 4 cylinder engine, while Honda City has 4 cylinder inline PGM-Fi engine type.

Toyota Corolla Altis is capable of releasing a maximum power of 95 Ps / 5200 rpm, while Honda City is releasing a maximum power at 120 Ps / 6000 rpm. When viewed in terms of accelerated Honda City is superior, but the Toyota Corolla Altis puts forward comfort and sophisticated features on the car. No wonder the Toyota Corolla Altis is more widely used as an official vehicle.

Exterior Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis Exterior
Toyota Corolla Altis Exterior

Viewed from any side, both rear, front and side, the Toyota Corolla Altis looks sharp and tough. Supported by a narrow head lamp in the corner and a grille that is fierce on the front of the car. The fascia and body lines add a sporty yet elegant look wrapped in chrome, which is perfect for passing through urban highways.

Interior Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis

Totoya Corolla Altis New Interior
Totoya Corolla Altis New Interior

An updated interior with a more sporty and luxurious appearance that is supported by sophisticated features in it. Using a dashbord with the Modern Center Cluster Design head unit concept. Using the full-screen LCD touch screen feature measuring 4.2 inches with an advanced audio head unit. Provides ease in loading the condition of the car when driving.

Color Options

Besides having a sporty and elegant design and exterior, the Toyota Corolla Altis offers 7 color choices, namely Super White, White Pearl, Red Mica Metallic, Silver Metallic, Calestite Gray Metallic, Phantom Brown Metallic, and Attitude Black Mica. The color choice is very suitable to be applied to the Toyota Corolla Altis to add the impression of an exclusive car when driving on the highway or on-road.

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