Siapa yang tidak tau Pajero Sport, mobil paling elegan saat ini. Memiliki gengsi yang tinggi di kalangan para konglomerat di seluruh dunia. Pajero Sport adalah mobil SUV ukuran sedang hingga besar model 2/4 pintu dengan pergantian mesin depan; dikenalkan tahun 1982. Memiliki mesin silinder V-6, 6G75 3,8 L yang menghasilkan tenaga 247HP. Mitsubishi Pajero Sports menawarkan platform AWD yang luar biasa, menghasilkan torsi 329Nm; train power diesel turbo yang canggih, menyediakan versi van. Fitur keamanannya mencakup kantung udara curtain & samping, sistem kontrol Active Stabilitiy dan Traction, distribusi rem elektrik, kendaraan tertangguh di pasaran.

Advantages Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

  • The design of the SUV is manly and tough
  • Stunning exterior with sporty design and high ground clearance
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior
  • Turbo diesel engine performance tough bulldoze all terrain
  • Many variants

Deficiency Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

  • Thick console makes the front cabin feel cramped
  • The strange taillights design
  • Luggage is tight when all seats are upright

Overview of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Who does not know the name Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in Indonesia. This type of SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle is famous for its toughness to conquer roads in the country with a variety of conditions, both in urban and off-roads. Present as a ladder frame SUV, the Pajero Sport has a masculine and distinctive SUV design that is combined with super tough engine performance. As one of the most popular SUVs in Indonesia that not only offers the thrill of driving a dashing SUV, but also an SUV that is fit enough to be used as a family car.

Use a more powerful and environmentally friendly engine, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is equipped with a 4D56 DI Commonrail Turbocharged engine and a 4N15 MiVEC Turbocharged engine that is equally formidable. The engine is capable of pouring power up to 181 PS and 430 Nm of torque. Present as a challenger to the Toyota Fortuner, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is able to dominate the SUV market in the country in recent years. Keep in mind the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport began to slide in 2016 in Indonesia, previously also launched the Mitsubishi Pajero version of the Sport. The price of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is currently in the price range of Rp.472 million to Rp.680 million.

Features of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

In Indonesia, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is available in 6 variants, namely Dakar (4×4) AT type, Dakar Ultimate (4×2) AT, Dakar (4×2) AT, Exceed (4×2) AT, Exceed (4×2) MT and GLX (4×4) MT . Nevertheless the six variants of the Pajero Sport use a type of engine that is not entirely the same. The Dakar type uses a 4N15 2.4 liter MIVEC Turbocharged & Intercooled engine capable of spraying maximum power up to 181 PS at 3,500 rpm engine speed and peak torque of 430 Nm at 2,500 rpm rotation. The new engine is claimed to be tough with an 8-speed automatic transmission system that is driven through a four-wheel drive system (4×4) and two-wheel drive system (4×2). The engine is also called more powerful and fuel efficient. While the Exceed and GLX types still use the old 4D56, 2.5L DI Common Turbocharged & Intercooled engine, DOHC which is able to produce 136 PS output at 4,000 rpm and top torque touches 324 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The Pajero Sport Exceed uses a 5-speed automatic transmission system and a powerful 5-speed manual transmission. While the GLX type is available in manual transmission variants only.

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Transmisi Manual
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Transmisi Manual

Built with a ladder frame platform, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is designed as a tough SUV to deal with difficult terrain, but still has maximum comfort and control. Armed with a Double Wishbone suspension with a conch per front and a 3 link rigid axle suspension with a per snail that is capable of providing control and stability when passing through heavy road conditions. The Pajero Sport is also equipped with disc brakes in the four wheels which are further enhanced by the presence of ABS, EBD and BA braking. The Dakar variant uses VGS or Variable Gemotry Turbo technology which is capable of charging at all engine speeds and combined with MIVEC technology for perfect performance. The driver is also facilitated with the paddle shift feature to shift gears manually without removing the steering wheel.

Safety features are a major concern of Mitsubishi. In this Pajero Sport car, Mitsubishi injects many safety features such as the Dakar type which has a Blind Spot Warning (BSW) feature or an invisible vehicle sensor that is able to detect vehicles with a distance of +/- 3 meters in the blind spot area, so the driver is helped when changing lanes and turn. The Dakar type also has an Active Stability & Traction Control (ASTC) feature that works automatically on slippery roads so the car stays in its tracks. The same type also features Ultrasonc Mis-Acceleratin Mitigation System (UMS) in the form of an automatic stop sensor for 5 seconds holding the engine output to avoid collision due to wrong stepping on the gas pedal. In addition, the Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM) feature prevents collisions with the vehicle in front thanks to the FCM sensor. Besides that, the Pajero Sport is also equipped with Active Cruise Control, ABS, EBD, and invisible vehicle sensors, automatic braking sensors, decreased speed control, and automatic stop sensors.

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Competitor

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is one of the popular ladder frame SUVs in Indonesia. This tough SUV also has a competitor that is no less tough, the Toyota Fortuner. Speaking of the engine, the Fortuner is reinforced with a 2.4 liter engine and a 2.7 liter engine. Because the Pajero Sport only has an engine capacity of up to 2.5 liters and 2.4 liters, the right competitor is the Toyota Fortuner 2.4 TRD which uses a 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine with a power of 149.5 PS and torque of 40.8 kg.m. While the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport uses a brand-new 4N15 2.4 liter MIVEC Turbocharged & Intercooled engine with a power of 181 PS with peak torque of 430 Nm at 2,500 rpm. More powerful than the Fortuner with the same 2.4 liter engine. Even the 2.7 liter Fortuner also only produces a maximum power of 163 PS with a gasoline engine. Here, the Toyota Fortuner has a choice of gasoline engines and diesel engines.

Speaking of price, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is priced starting at Rp.472.5 million for the lowest variant and Rp.680.5 for the highest variant. While the Toyota Fortuner is offered with a price range of IDR 474 million to IDR 666 million.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exterior

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exterior
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exterior

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is known for its handsome and masculine exterior design. In addition to the six variants circulating in Indonesia. PT. MMKSI also brought in the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition at the 2018 GIIAS. In addition to using Rockford Fosgate’s audio alerts, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Limited Edition also has a slightly different exterior starting from the additional front under garnish, rear under granish, muffler cutter, engine hood emblem, special design 18 inch alloy wheels, spare tire cover and emblem specifically Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition.

While the exterior of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport variant is identical to the strong and sturdy SUV. The nuances of the Dynamic Shield sport design look thick. The front of this car has a sleeker and sharper projector headlight design. There is also a boomerang accent that combines the two headlamps with a grille at the bottom. The grille at the top of the Pajero Sport looks luxurious with a chrome material. The sides also have neat and elegant body curves, with curved fenders and firm body lines. Likewise at the rear, the Pajero Sport uses a new alloy wheels nuanced dual tone nuance. The Dakar type uses 18 nci alloy wheels with tire sizes 265 / 60R18 110 H, while the Exceed type uses Exceed wheels and GLX uses 16 inch wheels. The taillights design also looks more prominent with the upright design at the top and protrudes to the front of the car’s uniqueness. The taillights are LED type.

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The body frame of the Pajero Saport is also built strong and sturdy against impact. Comes with dimensions of 4785 x 1815 x 1805 mm (pxlxt), the Pajero Sport also has a wheelbase distance of 2800 mm and 218 mm ground clearance.

Interior of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Interior
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Interior

Although designed as a tough SUV, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport offers an interior that is full of comfort. The interior has a roomy and comfortable cabin to accommodate 7 passengers. The legs and head room is quite comfortable and relieved. But the modern dashboard looks thick with the center connecting the console between the two front seats, so the front cabin actually looks cramped. But at least the Pajero Sport offers premium luxury and classy piano black in the cabin. This tough SUV is also equipped with premium entertainment features equipped with a sophisticated navigation system, complete with a head unit that supports a variety of music formats and connectivity.

The interior of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is also equipped with dual zone auto AC features for cool air throughout the cabin, a sunroof to view the scenery outside which rests above the driver’s room, power seat adjuster, and wider and wider cargo storage by folding the rear seats. The Pajero Sport also has a new steering wheel with a tilt steering model. For passengers in the back row will also be spoiled with a variety of entertainment with the presence of a 9-inch roof monitor that hangs on the roof of the cabin. In addition, the Pajero Sport also features a passenger air outlet headlining for maximum air coolness.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Color Options

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is available in Diamond Black Mica, Titanium Gray Metallic, Deep Bronze Metallic, Quartz White Pearl and Sterling Silver Metallic.

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