Who is not familiar with the Toyota Tj Cruiser. The car with a very elegant design and trace in the heart. And apparently, Toyota is rumored to be presenting the Toyota Tj Cruiser and the All New Toyota Harrier this year. Rumors, the two Toyota cars will be announced in mid-2020, precisely in May. Surely you can not wait for the arrival of the Toyota Tj Cruiser and All New Toyota Harrier is not it.

Toyota Global has prepared a number of ammunition in 2020. The world’s leading automotive brand plans to announce some of its newest products. According to the schedule, the Toyota Yaris will be introduced in February in Japan. But rumors are circulating that this year Toyota will also announce the Toyota Tj Cruiser and the All New Toyota Harrier. The news circulating says Tj Cruiser and the All New Toyota Harrier will make their debut in the middle of this year.

Toyota Fj Cruiser And Harrier Cars Are Ready For Sale In May

Toyota Fj Cruiser
Toyota Fj Cruiser

According to information compiled from bestcarweb.jp, the Toyota Tj Cruiser and the All New Toyota Harrier are predicted to be announced in May 2020. But before the two Toyota cars rolled into the market, there were indications that Toyota Japan would announce the GR variant of the Toyota Prius which was known from a source.

Toyota Tj Cruiser is an SUV concept car that has appeared at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show (TMS). The TJ Cruiser has the design and toughness that an SUV usually has, despite having a seating capacity like an MPV. Plus, the idea of ​​a Toyota TJ Cruiser figure emerged from the toolbox.

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Tj Cruiser has been rumored to be appearing soon. Even rumors circulating previously mentioned the indent Toyota Tj Cruiser has been opened since December 2019. Previous information revealed that, Tj Cruiser has a length of 4.3 meters, 1.7 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. When compared with the latest Toyota Kijang Innova with a length of 4.7 meters, 1.8 meters wide and 1.8 meters high. Thus the dimensions of the Tj Cruiser were no bigger than the Toyota Kijang Innova. Even the Toyota Tj Cruiser is like a compact MPV with a boxed SUV.

Toyota Harrier
Toyota Harrier

Meanwhile, the Toyota Harrier itself is 7 years old in 2020. A source said the All New Toyota Harrier will be present in May 2020, while other information revealed will be available in August or September. The next Toyota car will be equipped with a brand-new look, but still presents a touch of keen look. Other information says the All New Toyota Harrier has a distinctive European design, information about the All New Toyota Harrier is not so much. Nevertheless information about the announcement of the Toyota Tj Cruiser and the All New Toyota Harrier in May 2020 has been encouraging news. Let’s just wait!

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